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Good News in the Regions - CBTAP Update

Undertake individualization of your community loan account. Be updated with your monthly amortization payments and be closer to paying in full your individual account with the NHA and receive your title to your homelot. These have been the motivating messages given to member beneficiaries of NHA's Community-Based Tenurial Assistance Program (CBTAP).

Consistent with NHA's corporate thrust to increase sales and collection performance, the Community Relations and Information Operations Department (CRIOD) has been pushing for the individualization of CBTAP accounts. Last April and May 2015, it revisited community association (CA)-beneficiaries of CBTAP in Visayas and Mindanao, eight (8) in Roxas City and 10 in Davao City. It conducted general assemblies (GAs) with the CA officers and members to review, validate and reconcile the Lot Inventory System (LIS) and Billing and Collection System (BCS) of subsidiary accounts for said projects. The GAs was a venue to identify and pinpoint the issues and concerns regarding collection from members.

Of the eight (8) CAs in Roxas, the Achievers HOA has been fully-paid, with the 156 members already awaiting release of their individual titles. Meanwhile, the subdivision plan of the SitioPampang HOA has been approved and the titles of 190 members and of road lots and open spaces individualized. In Davao, one project (Bagangga HOA) has also paid in full while the accounts of two (2) CA projects have been individualized (CAL I and Vicente-Gloria). The CRIOD programmed within the year the revisit of other CBTAP projects under the five (5) Area Management Offices as part of its accelerated campaign to generate higher revenues for the Authority and the roll-over of investments to service more homeless families.