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IAS Leads Internal Audit, Risk Management Seminar-Workshop

To equip the managers and key staff of the National Housing Authority (NHA) with knowledge on Internal Audit and Risk Management, the Internal Audit Services (IAS) spearheaded the conduct of seminar-workshops on the said topics on 29 to 30 October and 04 to 07 November 2014 at the NHA-Operations Center and Multi-purpose Hall.

The two batches of participants from Area Management Offices, Regional and Project Offices, and Support Services (Staff Departments) were provided valuable inputs by Atty. Alberto A. Bernardo, Deputy Executive Secretary-Internal Audit Office, Office of the President (OP) on the first part of the seminar-workshop entitled "Internal Audit, Internal Control, and Accountability: An Overview" to ensure effective, efficient, economical, and ethical operations of the Authority.

Participants were refreshed on the five (5) components of Internal Control System (ICS): control environment, risk assessment, control activities, information and communication, and monitoring. DES Bernardo further stressed the importance of extraordinary diligence in the performance of one's duties and responsibilities. On the other hand, the second and third days of the seminar-workshop for both batches were devoted to Risk Management and its benefits with Ms. Nelia C. Villeza as resource person. She is an Internal Audit/ Internal Control and Risk Management Coach who has previously worked for 33 years with the Commission on Audit (COA).

Participants were asked to identify possible risk sources that the Authority may encounter based on the strategic objectives on the following four perspectives: learning and growth, internal processes, financial, and customer and stakeholders.

" K n o w l e d g e about Internal Control Accountability and Entity Risk Management are crucial not only to NHA but also to the employees, stakeholders, and family beneficiaries because we want to perform our mandate well and deliver services on time, in the service of the people," said Ms. Tarhata F. Almario, IAS Manager.