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The EnD of Illegal Occupants in NHA Sites

"MC 2506 does not encourage nor discourage Eviction and Dismantling. It provides the rules for the conduct of a just and humane eviction and dismantling. It is not dislocation but impresses on accountability and responsibility. It is not disruptive on other project targets but complementary strategy to achieve set goals and finally, it is not age-limiting but the presence and exercise of political will", thus summed up Ms. Elsie Trinidad, Manager of the Resettlement and Development Services Department (RDSD) the series of the orientation and action planning workshops (OAPWs) on the Updated Standard Operating Procedures Governing Summary Eviction of Illegal Occupants and Dismantling of Structures in NHA-Owned and Administered Projects or Memorandum Circular 2506. The OAPWs were held this whole month of September in Subic, Zambales.

Aimed at increasing collection efficiency, the NHA is ready to implement MC 2506 on erring housing beneficiaries and illegal occupants in its housing projects. It covers the following illegal occupants and/or structures subject to eviction and/or dismantling:

a) illegal structures- refer to structures and/or part therefore, improvements and extensions constructed in NHA-owned or administered properties and projects without the consent of the NHA;
b) those who entered and constructed structures in projects/properties owned or administered by the Authority without the latter's consent;
c) those who failed to apply and submit the prescribed requirements to legalize their occupancy;
d) those who failed to comply with the requirements of the Individual Notice of Award (INA);
e) those who have executed contracts with the Authority but have violated the terms and conditions stipulated in the contract.

Likewise, MC 2506 covers those whose contracts were cancelled due to arrearages of more than three (3) months, those who unlawfully transferred their award to another, those who violated the Authority's occupancy rules as prescribed in the contract, those whose accounts/ contracts have matured/expired but have not fully settled their obligations; and, other violations of NHA estate management policies and procedures.

Participants of the two-day orientation/workshop were from the Area Management Offices of the National Capital Region (NCR), Southern Luzon and Bicol (SLB), Northern and Central Luzon (NCL), Visayas and Mindanao. Staff department representatives were also present during the sessions and joined the fora that followed every presentation/discussion.

The RDSD as the central monitoring unit of MC 2506 also facilitated the conduct orientation/workshop which included case analysis and problem solving workshop, identification of risk factors, action planning workshop and program monitoring and evaluation. The OAPW is one of the priority trainings funded by the NHA GAD since the eviction and dismantling procedures are harmonized with GAD principles.

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