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NHA Upholds Child-friendly TV

Monitoring the television shows that children watch should be the primary responsibility and concern of adults to protect children from irresponsible broadcasting which often lead to eroding morals. Thus, in support of the advocacy of Anak TV, an organization formed through the Southeast Asian Foundation for Children and Television (SEAFCTV) the National Housing Authority (NHA) served as jurors last 24 October 2014 to seven (7) programs at the CRIOD Conference Room.

As part of the Gender and Development (GAD) Mainstreaming objectives of the Authority, some 15 employees from different staff departments were invited to participate in the said activity. They graded the preselect shows, chose, and judged if their content can be shown to people of all ages at home.

The Anak TV Seal is an award given by stakeholders from different sectors to TV programs shown in the Philippines that are child-sensitive or family friendly.

Visit to know more about their advocacy and the list of shows given the Seal.