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Smarter Cities for Better Quality of Life

On November 14-15 2013, the University of the Philippines-School of Urban and Regional Planning (UP-SURP), along with the Department of Science and Technology (DOST), the UP Planning and Development Research Foundation, Inc. or UP-PLANADES, and the League of Cities of the Philippines, including the various sponsors like the National Housing Authority (NHA) and institutional partners organized this international conference where about 500 participants attended at the Diamond Hotel in Manila.

Aimed at providing a platform for sharing and exchange of knowledge, lessons learnt, and experiences to leverage smarter processes, technologies, and innovation in cities towards more improved and better quality of life, the 2-day event was a success.

The conference was an appropriate venue for strengthening the international, regional, and local networks in promoting smarter cities for the benefit of the citizens worldwide.

The conference adopted the term SMARTER CITIES where the "ER" is meant to emphasize the incremental processes of improvement that will be needed to uplift the lives of many people in our country. The subthemes used for the conference were: Smarter Governance, Smarter Economy, Smarter Mobility, Smarter Environment, Smarter People and Living, Smarter Planning and Design.

Finally, the main agenda of the conference was very timely in the face of what is happening to our country and in the world. The many challenges that we are facing and the solutions that are to be addressed need our consolidated efforts to achieve the goal of developing smarter, sustainable, and climate-resilient communities in the future.

As Honorable Ambassador of Chile in the Philippines Roberto L. Mayorga said "What do we gain from building beautiful edifices, the fastest airplanes and spacecrafts to reach other planets, if we do not have happy people that dwell and travel in them."