Early this month, TFBM through Sec. Eduardo Del Rosario, declared the 99% surface clear and 95% sub-surface clear for Marawi’s ground zero. 

In a statement released at BALAI Talakayan last December 20, Marawi Project Management Office Head and RM of Region 9 Director Roderick T. Ibañez reported the NHA’s efforts in the clearing operation and debris management in the 250 has Most Affected Area (MAA). “We are happy to announce that today, 20 families start voluntarily construct their new homes in lots within MAA” equipped with Bldg. Permits issued by the LGU of Marawi.

He further explained that while these 20 families construct their homes, NHA is also building some 2,000 permanent housing units near the MAA — the Pamayandeg Residences Phase 1-4  with 50% land development completion, these permanent shelters are expected to be completed by December 31, 2020. He also clarified that “for this project, NHA is only responsible for building the permanent homes. Beneficiary selection will be the responsibility of the TFBM and LGU of Marawi.” The 20 families who started constructing their new homes, according to Ibanez, “they started constructing their structures even though the Compensation Bill is not yet passed by Congress. But they are still hoping that they are included in the list of those who will be compensated.”

It is also noted that these 20 families received 4 sets of manual pneumatic pumps donated by NHA thru GM Marcelino P. Escalada, Jr. and have been assisted by NHA in their application for building permit by providing them free architectural and Engineering plans and design, as required by the building permit application process. 

“For the first quarter of next year, we will have a number of groundbreaking activities for the 19 components of the Marawi’s Master Development Plan. 

This includes school buildings, Sarimanok Sports Center, barangay halls, hospitals, Madrasas, ice plant, and transport terminals,” NHA General Manager Escalada Jr. shared in a statement.

It is expected that more families can start rebuilding their homes next year.