NHA to condone Housing Amortization Interest

November 19, 2018

NHA housing beneficiaries are encouraged to apply for this year’s condonation program wherein the Authority will condone a total of Php 735,646,478.74 penalty/delinquency interest and seventy five percent (75%) of accrued/unpaid amortization interest amounting to Php 791,810,547.92 in the beneficiary’s housing account.

NHA Financial Management Department (FMD) Manager Wilma D. Hernandez explained, “Kapag po nag-aaply kayo sa NHA Condonation Program, amin pong tatanggalin at hindi na sisingilin sa inyo ang lahat ng multa (penalty/ delinquency charges) at 75% ng hindi nabayarang interest (Amortization Interest) sa inyong housing account. Ito pong mga multa at interest na aming tatanggalin ay mga interest na tumubo o naipon sa kadahilanang hindi ninyo pagbabayad ng inyong buwanang housing amortization nang mga nakaraang buwan o taon. Dagdag pa pong magandang balita ay ibinaba na po namin ang amortization interest sa 3% na lang. Ibig sabihin nito ay liliit o mababawasan ang inyong natitirang bayarin sa inyong bahay at lupa sa kasunduang kayo ay magbabayad na muli ng regular na may karampatang halaga at skedyul.”

Furthermore, for updated accounts as of July 31, 2018, an amount equivalent to one (1) month amortization shall be credited to the outstanding principal balance of the account. This, in a way, is an incentive to these beneficiaries for ensuring compliance to NHA in settling their monthly obligation. Thereafter, for accounts which remain updated every month within a cumulative 6 month period, an amount of equivalent to 50% of one (1) month amortization shall be credited to the outstanding principal balance.
On the other hand, for Restructured Accounts (availees of the condonation program) with updated monthly payments within a cumulative period of six (6) months after restructuring an amount equivalent to 50% of one (1) month amortization shall be credited to the outstanding principal balance of the account. Availees are granted the same incentive every six months thereafter provided that the account remains updated every month (within a cumulative 6-month period).
For buyers or borrowers who will undertake full settlement of their restructured account prior maturity, a 20% rebate on the outstanding principal balance after updating shall be granted.
“Effective August 1, 2018, NHA will implement the lowering of interest rate from 6% to 3% for those whose accounts are up-to-date and restructured under the condonation program. This measure will greatly benefit those households who are updated with their housing amortization. We hope that by incentivizing them, they will continue to be good payers of their housing loans,” GM Escalada added.
Specifically, NHA Memorandum Circular 2219 and 2219-A cite:
1.2 Incentive for Updated Accounts:
“For accounts under a Conditional Contract to Sell (CCS), Deed of Sale With Mortgage (DSM) or Loan Agreement with updated monthly payments within a cumulative period of six (6) months, an amount equivalent to fifty percent (50%) of monthly amortization shall be credited to the outstanding principal balance of the account.
The same incentive shall thereafter be granted every six (6) months provided that the account remains updated every month within a cumulative 6-month period.
1.3 Incentive for Full Payment:
1.3.1 Outright sale. The 20% rebate shall be applied to the selling price of the lot/housing unit.
1.3.2 Staggered cash sale. The 20% rebate shall be applied to the outstanding principal balance after updating. Total arrearages shall first be satisfied prior to applicable rebate.
1.3.3 Full settlement. This is for accounts under CCS, DSM or Loan Agreements prior to maturity, a 20% rebate on outstanding principal balance, after updating shall be granted.”
The following are excluded from availing the condonation program:
a) An account without a single payment since the effectivity of the sale/lease/loan;
b) An account where the housing unit has been abandoned by the awardee for more than one (1) year from date of delinquency;
c) An account where the housing unit is occupied by the third party other than the awardee or his her legal heir or successor –in-interest;
d) An account which has been foreclosed and the redemption period has already lapsed;
e) Matured accounts covered by MC No. 003 dated 21 February 2018; and lastly,
f) An account that has already been condoned under the previous Restructuring and Condonation program implemented in 2009.
The NHA through its project offices will notify eligible account holders through the issuance of a notice or posting of said notice on the awarded housing unit. The condonation program can be availed from 01 August 2018 to 01 February 2020. A total of 142,665 housing beneficiaries can apply and avail of this 2018 condonation program.



NHA GM Escalada challenges Ormoc Mayor Gomez to cancel building permit

October 1, 2018


“I CAN vouch that the Ormoc Permanent Housing for Earthquake Victims located at Brgy. Gaas and Dolores, Ormoc City, has high quality housing units. I challenge Mayor Gomez that he can cancel the project’s building permit if he finds the project to be substandard,” NHA GM Marcelino P. Escalada, Jr. addressed his personnel during the Monday flag ceremony held at the NHA grounds.

He continued, “As the Mayor of Ormoc City, he is authorized to cancel building permits through his city engineers and building officials rather than parading the issue on social media.”
GM Escalada was referring to Republic Act 7160: Local Government Code of 1991, under Section 2 (c) which states that “It is likewise the policy of the State to require all national agencies and offices to conduct periodic consultations with appropriate local government units, nongovernmental and people’s organizations, and other concerned sectors of the community before any project or program is implemented in their respective jurisdictions.”
GM Escalada is one with the Head for Operations Engr. Victor C. Balba on assuring the public that housing projects implemented under the Duterte Administration are of high quality within the parameters set by the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) and that all materials used in NHA projects passed standard test requirements to assure desired quality of housing units. Pursuant to NHA Memorandum Circular 1168: Standard Test Requirements and Accreditation of Testing Laboratories for Housing Development Projects, tests are being conducted by Bureau of Research Standards-DPWH accredited laboratories.
As the General Manager of the sole socialized housing provider, Escalada emphasized that “production of substandard housing units will not be tolerated and will be dealt with accordingly.”



NHA to award unoccupied housing units to qualified beneficiaries

July 20, 2018

TRUE to its commitment of providing decent and affordable housing to homeless Filipino people, the National Housing Authority (NHA) is now set to award unoccupied housing units to qualified families.

The pronouncement was made by NHA Chief of Staff Atty. John Christopher T. Mahamud during NHA’s BALAI Talakayan in Quezon City as he cited Joint Resolution No. 2 passed by the 17th Congress and was approved and signed by President Rodrigo R. Duterte last May 2018.
According to Atty. Mahamud, said resolution authorizes NHA to award housing units under the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP)/Philippine National Police (PNP)/Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP)/Bureau of Jail Management and Penology (BJMP)/Bureau of Corrections (BUCOR) Housing Program.
Mahamud emphasized that Joint Resolution No. 2 specifically allows NHA to dispose and allocate unawarded housing units; awarded housing units that are not yet occupied and whose ownership and possession are surrendered by their respective awardees; and housing units whose respective awards were cancelled in AFP/PNP/BFP/BJMP/BUCOR housing projects.
He also explained that Joint Resolution No. 2 was the Congress’ response to NHA’s clamor and request for authority to dispose unoccupied AFP-PNP housing units to other qualified beneficiaries following the KADAMAY invasion of NHA housing projects in Pandi, Bulacan.
“KADAMAY group had attacked and forcibly occupied NHA housing units mostly intended for our government’s armed personnel or the AFP/PNP. The incident prompted our General Manager Marcelino P. Escalada, Jr., to lobby Congress for said authority,” Mahamud said.
Pursuant to Congress Joint Resolution No. 2, Mahamud added, the NHA Board had issued Resolution No. NHA-BR-6371 dated July 13, 2018 authorizing GM Escalada to issue the Implementing Rules and Guidelines on the disposition of said housing units.
NHA Estate Management Department OIC Ms. Ana V. Baul explained that each regional office shall equitably distribute the available housing units per region to other qualified beneficiaries.
Among the target beneficiaries of said housing units include walk-in applicants who submitted Housing Information Forms (HIFs) and letter requests in NHA offices and those endorsed to NHA by other government offices; LGUs informal settler families (ISFs) who are in danger areas and those affected by infrastructure projects; and LGU and National Government Agency employees where the housing project is located.

GM Escalada orders collapsed footbridge repair, redesigning

May 28, 2018


NATIONAL Housing Authority General Manager Marcelino P. Escalada Jr. has ordered the immediate review of the wooden bridge design and repair the damage right after the crashing incident on April 26, 2018 in Sitio Hongkong, Brgy. Rio Hondo, Zamboanga City.

Concerned with the dwellers, GM Escalada promptly demanded the rectification and repair immediately of the bridge to ease access of the housing beneficiaries to their homes, and review the design” so that no similar incident will happen in the future.
A number of local officials, with NHA personnel, fell into the murky waters when the footbridge collapsed while they were conducting inspection in one of the house-on-stilts sites constructed by the government for survivors of the infamous Zamboanga Siege in 2013.
The collapse was probably due to heat and rain exposure of the wooden bridge and at all times submerged in seawater, according to the GM.
“That is a wooden footbridge, and has been exposed to the wear-and-tear weather, submerged in seawater. It can rapidly deteriorate 300 times faster than any other wooden bridge,” he said, adding that aside from being “a footbridge for humans, it is also used by tricycles.”
He cited as well: “Just like any other bridge, whether it’s steel, suspended or concrete bridge, may load limit siya. All the more itong footbridge natin. Perhaps the kind of weight applied to the bridge was not running, moving weight,” which could also be a factor in the incident.”
GM Escalada further emphasized NHA’s plan of turning the project over to the local government unit of Zamboanga City. “Before i-turn over, I will repair and infuse new funding, looking forward to new partnerships with Mayor Beng for the operations and maintenance of Rio Hondo, Hongkong, and Marikit.”
Moreover, the GM was all apologetic about the recent incident: “In behalf of the National Housing Authority, as the General Manager, we are very sorry.”
(About the photo: the newly-renovated bridge, as shown by the new wooden planks, is now being used by housing beneficiaries and visitors alike)

NHA promotes a culture of quality

April 23, 2018


“It’s not impossible to build quality, in fact we are already doing it right now,” NHA General Manager Marcelino P. Escalda, Jr. announces to all National Housing Authority (NHA) employees as he leads the “New NHA” in providing safe, affordable and innovative housing solutions for the public.

The “New NHA” GM Escalada refers to is the NHA under the Duterte administration. With President Rodrigo Roa Duterte taking the lead in housing breakthroughs, the NHA is now parading its latest accomplishments and policy developments on fast-tracking housing delivery for the Filipino people, promoting due diligence, transparency, accountability of its personnel and strict policy implementation towards termination of developers, filing legal cases to housing sellers and buyers. NHA’s recent bandwagon, “Building a Culture of Quality,” spells its commitment to quality housing provision in support to the battle cry of fellow Key Shelter Agencies’ (KSAs) BALAI or Building Adequate, Livable, Affordable and Inclusive Filipino Communities.
Inheriting problematic/failed projects from past leaderships, GM Escalada faced all issues head-on as he introduced and adapted measures that enabled the Authority to immensely address each issue.
Earlier this year, Casa San Miguel in the Province of Tarlac and Christine Villas in Lanao Del Norte became the newest addition to the growing number of housing projects intended for the uniformed personnel of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and Philippine National Police (PNP) while Madayaw Residences in Brgy. Talomo, Davao City, and Scout Ranger Ville in San Miguel, Bulacan are two other projects implemented in 2017 under the new market- and demand-based AFP/PNP Housing Program Construction. In contrast to the previous models, the new housing units are made more spacious to address the demand stemming from the uniformed personnel to have new designs and modalities that are acceptable and ready for occupancy (RFO) to end-users. New designs include a low-rise building (42sqm; 24 sqm), and duplex units with 150 sqm lot area (60 sqm floor area), respectively.
On the other hand, deadlines are being set for the construction of housing projects for Pablo, Sendong, and Yolanda, to fast-track distribution to the beneficiaries. To do this, NHA strengthened its coordination with the Local Government Units (LGUs) and the Provincial Inter-Agency Committee (PROVIAC). GM Escalada Jr. emphasized this during the turnover of developed sites and completed housing units to Typhoon Pablo victims in Compostela Valley on August 30, 2017 at the Capitol Bldg., Cabidianan, Nabunturan. During the event, GM Escalada stated, “The only secret for project implementation to be faster and more efficient is allowing local government units nationwide to participate in project development, because no amount of national project can ever succeed without their full cooperation.”
In November 2017, NHA officially opened its doors to private developers, to enlighten stakeholders on the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Program. Through the PPP, NHA is provided opportunities to develop High-Impact Projects (HIP) and accomplish its target through direct housing production and township development in different major cities of the country.
Meanwhile, in one of his updates delivered during the Flag Raising Ceremony in February this year, GM Escalada ordered the Visayas Area Management Office to ensure the completion and turnover of the remaining Yolanda Projects by the end of December 2019. He also directed NHA Regional Managers to revisit the project contracts and disapprove the contractors’ request for exemption and suspensions if they are not valid. “It’s about time that we impose NHA’s authority over them to comply with the minimum requirements of construction period. Otherwise, if we will still be considerate about all of their requests, abutin na lang tayo ng 2025, hindi pa din matapos ang Yolanda,” GM Escalada exclaimed.
On April 6, 2018, NHA filed charges against the original owners and the buyer of the duplex unit in Brgy. Tulungatung, Zamboanga City that collapsed mid of February 2018 for disregarding NHA policies, rules, and regulations on Housing Loan Agreement. Beneficiaries Amrin Joe Pakkal and Sarip Juamad Ismail, together with the buyer named Ali-Akbal Mohammad Kahal were charged before the Zamboanga City Regional Trial Court after being involved in selling, buying, and altering NHA housing units – a gross violation of the contract signed between the awardees and NHA. Upon learning of the crashing incident, GM Escalada ordered the strict imposition of the terms and conditions of contracts between the beneficiaries and the Authority. “Review the contracts, impose the terms and conditions of contracts,” he said, further warning NHA beneficiaries not to engage in such activity as stricter penalties await them.
In other news, the Authority is now preparing to start the construction of temporary shelters for the internally displaced persons (IDPs) of Marawi City at Site 2, Brgy. Sagonsongan. The temporary shelters will be built on 54-sqm lots with 22-sqm floor area. These are all single-detached, pre-fabricated units with individual power and water installations. NHA also made its Marawi projects fully-developed with concrete roads, drainage system and community facilities in accordance to President Duterte’s instruction to make the sites livable and comfortable to its dwellers. The Marawi siege survivors can stay in their temporary shelters for two to three years while permanent shelters are being constructed and their homes which they own in the city are being rebuilt. As of April 13, 2018, 649 keys were turned over to Marawi IDPs.
Furthermore, NHA also earned the support of Pag-IBIG Fund, a fellow KSA, in initiating the collection of housing amortization for NHA’s formal sector housing beneficiaries. A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on this was inked last April 5, 2018.
After barely two years of taking over the reins of the Authority, NHA’s new administration is taking huge efforts in delivering improved service to its clientele. Despite the flak being hurled against it, the Authority and its employees are one in their vow of Building a Culture of Quality in the housing provision.

Housing beneficiaries, buyer face charges — NHA

April 13, 2018

THE owners of the duplex in Brgy. Tulungatong, Zamboanga City, that collapsed mid of February 2018 and its buyer are now in hot water after the National Housing Authority filed charges against them on April 6, 2018.

Charged before the Zamboanga City Regional Trial Court were original unit beneficiaries Amrin Joe Pakkal and Sarip Juamad Ismail; and buyer Ali-Akbal Mohammad Kahal for disregarding NHA policies, rules and regulations on Housing Loan Agreement.
The three were involved in selling, buying and altering NHA housing units, a gross violation of the contract signed between the awardees and NHA which states that “… Sale or transfer of the lot/unit shall not be allowed except through heredity succession; and the borrower-assignor shall not change nor convert the use of residential lot/unit without the written consent from NHA.”
National Housing Authority General Manager Marcelino P. Escalada Jr., upon learning the crashing incident, ordered the strict imposition of the terms and conditions of contracts between the beneficiaries and the Authority.
“Review the contracts, impose the terms and conditions of contracts,” he said, further warning NHA beneficiaries not to engage in such activity as stricter penalties await them. Emphasizing, “File a case against the awardee(s) for selling it and the buyer for destroying the property of the National Housing Authority. That will send a strong signal to all living in that particular place.”
The duplex was part of the 383 housing units built by the NHA under the Zamboanga City Roadmap to Recovery and Reconstruction (Z3R).

NHA to relocate occupants of condemned housing projects

March 20, 2018



The National Housing Authority (NHA) shall proceed with the preventive evacuation of dwellers in condemned housing projects namely, the Vitas Temporary Housing in Tondo, Manila, the Fort Bonifacio Tenement in Taguig and the Punta Tenement in Sta. Ana Manila.
This is based on the order of the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) who inspected both tenements and the Office of the Building Official of Manila who made the evaluation on Vitas Temporary Housing. Their discoveries reveal that the housing projects are unsafe and susceptible to disasters such as typhoons and earthquakes. Because of these buildings’ vulnerability, the Building Official of Manila has issued a demolition order for Vitas Temporary Housing to ensure the safety of the occupants, in accordance with the Implementing Rules and Regulations of the National Building Code.
On the other hand, since the initial declaration of the tenements as being unsafe for residency in 2010, NHA has taken action to ensure the safety of the occupants by offering them options for relocation to NHA resettlement projects. Although met with resistance in Fort Bonifacio Tenement, NHA has set up a Relocation Action Center (RAC) there in May 2014 to accommodate the applications for relocation and resettlement.
Starting in 2015, a total of 57 out of 712 families from Fort Bonifacio Tenement voluntarily relocated to Southville 2 in Trese Martires, Cavite. Each family was also given financial assistance provided by the Local Government of Taguig through its City Social Welfare Office, while 97 families from Punta Tenement were relocated since 2012, to Towerville 6 in Brgy. Gaya-Gaya and San Jose del Monte Heights in Brgy. Muzon, both located in San Jose del Monte, Bulacan. Currently, 999 families are subject for relocation.
In the case of Vitas Temporary Housing occupants, the NHA shall issue a 30-day notice to all its respective residents. The second batch of General Assemblies among more or less 5,000 affected families will be conducted on March 22, 23, 26, and 27, 2018 respectively, after which voluntary relocation may commence to identified resettlement sites in Naic and Trese Martires, Cavite; Baras, Rizal; and the Camarin Low-Rise Building in Caloocan City. Regular relocation shall commence after the 30-day notice and upon compliance of all requirements for just and humane eviction.

NHA Addresses Viral Video, stands firm on Kadamay

February 15, 2018




The National Housing Authority (NHA) remains firm in its stand on the issue of urban group Kadamay’s illegal occupation of government housing sites in Bulacan.
In a press briefing on 05 February 2018, Chief of Staff Atty. John Christopher Mahamud addressed the video that went viral on Facebook where Kadamay member Jerry Lavado was seen “selling” one of the many housing units occupied by his group.When pressed on NHA’s actions against this, Atty. Mahamud said, “We asked our Legal
Department to study on that matter. It is not just an isolated case, so titignan pa namin, there are reports coming in. Gaya nga ng sinabi namin, we validate all these reports and let our Legal Department study what rules can be implemented.” He warned the public not to purchase any housing unit since these are illegal and will not be authorized by NHA.
Atty. Mahamud also reiterated that from the beginning, the NHA was clear with its position to only negotiate units reserved for the uniformed personnel of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and the Philippine National Police (PNP); and not those intended for Informal Settler Families (ISFs), since these are constructed for families
who went through NHA’s qualification and screening process.
Meanwhile, NHA Spokesperson Ms. Elsie B. Trinidad and Central Luzon Department Manager Engr. Romuel P. Alimboyao clarified that Kadamay members will still go through the validation process to determine who among them are qualified to receive the idle units intended for the AFP and PNP.
This, after field validation proved that 3,295 housing units intended for the ISFs from danger areas in Metro Manila are among the properties forcefully occupied by Kadamay. To date, 8,494 households are occupying 5,278 units in Bulacan; 1,983 of which are intended for the uniformed personnel of the AFP and PNP. Present data also
notes that 71 Kadamay families were previously awardees of other NHA housing projects.
Following President Duterte’s pronouncement after the takeover in March 2017, a joint resolution has been passed in the Congress and is now awaiting the President’s signature. This resolution will authorize NHA to re-award the occupied AFP/PNP housing units to qualified Kadamay members as mandated by Republic Act No. 7279 or
the Urban Development and Housing Act of 1992.

NHA to turn over 500 temporary shelters for Marawi IDPs

January 24, 2018



THE National Housing Authority (NHA) is set to turnover by the end of January 500 temporary shelters for Marawi
internally displaced persons (IDPs).
NHA General Manager Marcelino P. Escalada Jr. reported this on the January 22, 2018 edition of Balai Talakayan centered on the status of the housing project in the war-torn Marawi City.
“These shelters located at Barangay Sagongsongan are constructed in 40-sq-m lot with 22-sq-m floor area. These are
single-detached, pre-fabricated units with individual power and water installations,” GM Escalada announced.
NHA also made its Marawi projects fully developed with concrete roads and drainage in accordance with the instruction of President Rodrigo R. Duterte to make temporary shelters and its community livable and comfortable to its dwellers.
By March, NHA is expecting to finish the 1,170 temporary shelters in Bgy. Sagonsongan.
GM Escalada stressed,“Our mission is to construct 6,400 temporaryshelters and 2,700 permanent shelters for MarawiIDPs.”With Site 1’s 50% completion, NHA is now preparing to start the Site 2 construction. “For Site 2 we will be hosting another 1,000 (IDPs).Once we are 50% complete with Site 2, my instruction is to proceed with Site 3, 4 and 5, so that we shall be able to complete the 6,400 units,”he said.
The GM also emphasized,“One thing that I appreciate from today’s Administration is keeping open dialogues between stakeholders. This

brings forth new developments and improvements in our sites and projects. For our Marawi sites, the local government unit of Marawi,

along with the Ulama, the Sultan and the beneficiaries, requested for much bigger space for Site 2. We are seriously considering this and we continue to converse with them. Hopefully, after several dialogues, we shall be able to perfectly provide what is best for the people of Marawi.”
As for the permanent shelters, GM Escalada said that NHA will start exploring for sites that could accommodate 2,700 units. “While we are
constructing the temporary shelters, I am also trying to explore the possibilities of developing the permanent shelter (sites). Something that isvery secure, something that is stable.”
He also clarified that for two to three years, survivors can stay in their temporary shelters while their permanent shelters are being constructed and their homes which they personally own in the city are being rebuilt.
The NHA is also looking into constructing low-rise buildings in the city that will serve as permanent shelters for public school teachers, uniformed personnel (AFP/PNP) and local government employees. “I am now coming up with our developmental proposal to construct more or less five low-rise buildings of 60 units per building within our NHA property in Marawi. I have presented that and it was positively accepted by the people of Marawi,” the GM said.