What is GAD?

Gender and Development or GAD primarily promotes women’s empowerment and ensure that their full participation becomes essential for society. It has been formed by the government to respond to the gender imbalances and inequalities existing in the country. GAD works to eradicate gender biases to fully release the potential of women so they can perform active roles in the development process. Overall, GAD is not only about women and their rights but also about men and women in sharing benefits and responsibilities.

The National Housing Authority-Gender and Development, NHA-GAD has been existent in the Authority since 2002. Since then, various fora, capacity-development activities and assessment and revisiting of policies and programs have been implemented in order to mainstream GAD in NHA. Through the efforts of NHA-GAD advocates, the NHA reaches the Level 3: GAD Application when it comes to the overall GAD Mainstreaming in the Authority, as measured through the Gender Mainstreaming Evaluation Framework,GMEF which was assessed by select members of the GAD Focal Point System GADFPS and administered by Ms. Maria Clara B. Ignacio, GAD Resource Person, last February 14, 2019 at the NHA-Operations Center. In terms of Policy, NHA is now level 4: Commitment Enhancement and Institutionalization, and for the People, Enabling Mechanism and Programs, Activities and Projects, PAPs, the Authority is at Level 3: GAD Application or an overall Level of 3. GAD Application.

The GAD FPS continues to plan and implement programs and activities for NHA to reach the highest level in Gender Mainstreaming, Replication and Innovation, as headed by the GADFPS Chairperson, Assistant General Manager Froilan R. Kampitan and GADFPS Vice Chairperson, Estate Management Department Manager Ana Baul, with the valuable support of the GAD Champion, General Manager Marcelino P. Escalada, Jr.

For 2018 GAD Accomplishment Report, the NHA was able to attain an Php 8.8 Billion amount in program attribution due to gender-responsive scores in Project Implementation Monitoring and Evaluation (PIMME) for the actual budget disbursement in: 1) Community-Based Initiative Approach (CBIA) Enhance Implementation of Resettlement Program, 2) IP Housing, 3) RAP LGU, and 4) Yolanda Housing.

Given the Level 3 in Gender Mainstreaming, the NHA will vie for the PCW GADTimpala Bronze Award for the Agency Category. It is now completing all the means of verification or supporting documents in claiming the said Level 3 in Gender Mainstreaming and aiming to beat the March 15, 2019 deadline for submission of application to the PCW.


By 2025, NHA has mainstreamed gender-responsive policies and programs that are innovative and replicated by other agencies.


To provide gender-responsive and innovative housing policies and programs towards women empowerment and gender equality.


  1. Increased number of women with housing units registered in their names to ensure equal rights in property ownership
  2. Enhanced implementation of of Gender-Responsive housing policies and programs, activities and projects (PAPs).
  3. Strengthen capacity of service providers to ensure women and men benefit equitably from urban development investments, particularly those in informal settlements and low-income areas.
  4. Institutionalized innovative gender-responsive policies and manuals of operation for; a) Housing Design and Technology, b) Community Building and Empowerment, c) Relocation and Resettlement, d) Estate Management, and e) Collection.
  5. Knowledgeable and competent NHA employees to mainstream gender and development in PAPs.
  6. Creation of GAD Department
  7. Partnership with other stakeholders in mainstreaming gender and development
  8. Establishment of structures/Enabling mechanism to address emerging GAD issues at NHA.