The National Housing Authority (NHA) is presently conducting an online seminar training workshop on relocation and resettlement (RR) guidelines to different NHA employees from operating units to the regional offices for the entire month of August, 2022.

Participated by select employees from different NHA staff and operating units as well as regional offices, the training aims to provide updated knowledge and information on RR policies and gain familiarity with the current and devolved functions of the Resettlement and Development Services Department (RDSD) to regional offices.

The two-day five-batch seminar is intended for the 393 NHA employees who have direct involvement in undertaking RR activities and those personnel who have indirect but significant roles in field operations.

The training is conducted in view of the full implementation of the devolution of RR functions to the regional offices as provided by NHA Memorandum Circular (MC) No. 2021-031 issued on September 8, 2021. The said MC revised NHA MC. No. 2019-014 entitled Guidelines on the Devolution of RR Functions, Levels of Authority and Responsibilities which explicitly define the delineation of RR functions.

Specifically, the workshop discusses the following topics: RR Program Introduction, Legal Bases and Frameworks; RR Procedural Flow; RDSD Functions; RR Functions, Levels of Authority; and Monitoring and Review.

RDSD Manager Christine P. Firmalino, “hopes that the training participants’ competencies will be developed and enhanced to ensure the excellent delivery of RR services.”