Six new sculptures and murals were unveiled at the NHA main compound on June 6, 2022. The said creations, culminated in NHA’s journey throughout the years, were made into art by the Castrillo family of the late Eduardo Castrillo-a renowned sculptor.

Among these pieces is “The Continuity” mural created by the son of Eduardo Castrillo. This piece is a two-part creation that signifies the continuation of the journey of NHA, first sculpted by Eduardo Castrillo and placed in the NHA main office lobby.

NHA General Manager Marceino P. Escalada, Jr., Assistant General Manager Engr. Victor C. Balba, with NHA Managers and the Castrillo Family, led the mural’s unveiling, which showcases the achievements of NHA throughout the years, including those of GM Escalada’s.

“Altogether, the mural depicts the journey of the NHA from the time of Gen. Tobias up to the administration of GM Escalada,” said GSD Department Manager Engr. Susan E. Nava on her opening remarks.

The other art piece called “Hand-in-Hand in Enlightenment and Prosperity” was installed at the HTREX building, which presents the Filipino Bayanihan spirit.

At the NHA GSD Building, three masterpieces were presented by the Castrillo Family, namely the twin sculptures called “The Builder of Hope” and “The Builder of Dreams,” which signify the potential of NHA employees to establish great plans for the future, and “The Builder of Tomorrow,” which is about the NHA and its future housing plans in the country.

Shaped in the letter “E,” the piece exudes the education, excellence, and empowerment the NHA promotes. “We are grateful to have this chance to witness Mr. Castrillo’s life through his art, dedication, and passion. This reminds us that anything is possible, that we are the builder of our hopes, dreams, and tomorrow, ” said GM Escalada in his speech read by AGM Balba.

The Castrillo Family, aside from materializing the work of NHA, also honors the passion and craft of their late father, Mr. Eduardo Castrillo. Also present at the event were NHA Regional Managers Engr. Jovita G. Panopio, Engr. Maura D. Aggarao and Engr. Erick T. Ibañez, and retired NHA Group Managers, Ms. Wilma D. Hernandez, Ar. Marissa B. Maniquis and Ar. Maria Benita O. Regala.