NHA Charter : Presidential Decree 757 ( 31 July 1975)

  • Develop and implement a comprehensive and integrated housing development and resettlement program
  • Formulate and enforce general and specific policies for housing development and resettlement
  • Prescribe guidelines and standards for the reservation, conservation and utilization of public lands identified for housing and resettlement
  • Exercise the right of eminent domain or acquire by purchase privately-owned lands for purposes of housing development, resettlement and related services and facilities
  • Develop and undertake housing development and/or settlement projects through joint ventures or other arrangements with public and private entities
  • Promote housing development by providing technical assistance (Section 6)


Executive Order 90 (17 December 1986)

  • Sole government agency engaged in direct shelter production. It shall focus its efforts in providing housing assistance to the lowest 30% of urban income-earners through slum upgrading, squatter relocation, development of sites and services and construction of core housing units
  • Undertake programs for the improvement of blighted urban areas and provide technical assistance to private developers undertaking low-cost housing projects
  • May continue development of housing projects for income-earners above the lowest 30% provided that funds generated thereon are utilized for the attainment of its primary mandate (Section 1a)


Republic Act No. 7279 (24 March 1992)

The Urban Development and Housing Act (UDHA) of 1992

  • Identification, Acquisition and Disposition of Lands for Socialized Housing

– Identify lands for socialized housing and resettlement areas for immediate and future needs of the underprivileged and the homeless in the urban areas, in coordination with the Local Government Units (LGUs), Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board (HLURB), National Mapping Resource Information Authority (NAMRIA), and Land Management Bureau (LMB) (Article IV, Section 8)

-Acquire government-owned and foreclosed properties for socialized housing through negotiated purchase (Article IV, Section 10)

-Acquire and dispose government-owned lands which have not been used for the purpose for which they have been reserved or set aside for the past ten (10) years from effectivity of this Act and identified as suitable for socialized housing (Article IV, Sections 8 & 12)

-Carry-out programs of land acquisition for resettlement purposes (Article XI, Section 42)

-Formulate and make available various alternative schemes for the disposition of lands to the beneficiaries of the Program in coordination with concerned National Government agencies and LGUs (Article IV, Section 12)

  • Provision of